Love's Cabers Tossed - Ari McKay Cute story that had a lot of elements I love in it. It had a great and charming dog, Fergus. A sexy Kilt wearing Scot Lyall and a cute shy baker Martin.( ha, and my shelf with the appropriate name cupcake in it has never been more fitting) They have looked and lusted from afar at the Highland games the last few years, but never really made a move toward one another. Fergus decides that needs to stop and takes things into his own paws.He also makes sure Martin needs Lyall's up close and personal help for a day or two and then lets the guys figure the rest out on their own. It's sweet and light and a quick cupcake snacky kind of read, not sure about all the carrying Martin around and having him on his lap, but I guess if Lyall can place in the log throwing competition he can carry Martin around.