Protection - John Amory 3.5*This is one of those stories that I think I would have loved had it been longer.Even the way it was told ( with skipping from now to then and the third person ) which normally isn't to my liking worked well, I thought. Jamie is at the Olympics, ok he's not exactly on one of those sports people pay attention to, he doesn't even think the networks are going to cover it back in the States. But all that doesn't matter, the sport is a kind of therapy for him.He is a loner, but Ben a guy at the bar he decided to visit before the games start recognizes him and starts up a conversation with him.I think both of these guys have interesting back stories, although we only get a bit of Jamie's and the ending is a barely HFN in my opinion, could have been really great. It's quote was just asking to be expanded on and their story told: “You can’t look at me and know who I am.”I can just tell had this one been expanded, and we found out about Jamie's recovery and his life now and what drove Ben across the ocean...and maybe more than a note, and call me?