Second Hand - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton 4.25I don't know why I waited so long to read this story, it is such a nice sweet read and left me all happy and smiley.Paul, sweet, nice, clueless and doormatty kind of guy. Low self-esteem which I'm not quite sure where that came from cause his mom is awesomesauce. Anyway, his girlfriend/fiancée left him high and dry after he moved for her, bought everything she wanted and tried his best to make her happy ( see, doormat). He meets El, the pawnshop owner and El totally falls for him, but of course Paul has no clue ( see, clueless).It's cute, El does all these nice things, I mean he adopts a dog for heavens sake, because Paul can't keep her and can't stand to see her go to the pound.But finally Paul sees the light, it's cute, sweet, happy. A few small bumps in the road, and I can't tell you how happy I was when Paul finally gave the ex a piece of his mind. All in all a really great feel good story.