Burning Love - Shawn Lane While I didn't have the same issues with Sean( the hot firefighter) that others seemed to, I still didn't enjoy this short.Archie is having a bad day, he was passed over for a promotion at work and decides to take Sean up on his fuck-buddy offer.Now Sean is a mixed bag, on the one hand, he really does try and talk Archie out of it, but calling him names to some random guy on the phone, he's like 5 minutes from having sex with Archie and this is what he says to the guy on the phone : “No, I can’t come over tonight. I’ve got a visitor.” Sean laughed.” No. The little pest that lives next door to me. Rain check?”That is an asshole move and my personal peeve he calls him brat eight times in this short. Archie thinks it's a pet-name for me it's condescending. But I didn't really like Archie all that much either, so I couldn't really get upset about how Sean treated him.