Ice Heart - Kay Ellis 2.5*This story suffers from what quite a few shorts do, it tells me just enough to get me interested but not enough to really get it.Jack seems to have a lot of issues, he fights more than he should on the ice, he lives with his parents and can't hold down a job, is slutty and unreliable on the whole.For some reason his best friend and teammate Aaron loved him and wants him, they have sex, but Jack runs away.I honestly didn't like Aaron, he's 24 and doesn't really seem to give a damn about anything or care enough to be reliable. He gets a last last chance at his job, but it's so much better to spend the week in bed w/your lover than go to work, and lets not even think about calling your parents, so they don't think you are dead in a ditch. I also didn't quite like how Jack handles the whole situation either. It seemed childish to resort to what he did, just to push or punish Aaron.Had this been longer, I might have seen why Jack is the way he is and that he really does plan on changing, maybe. I'm sure he has redeeming qualities, I just don't see them. Aaron, well, since I didn't like him all that well either, he deserves Jack.