Reclaiming Love - V.L. McElfresh Kevin used to play at all kinds of kink and he danced. Then he met Josh and life eventually went to hell. Josh used the 'D/s -BDSM' to abuse, torture, torment, hurt, humiliate, isolate, control...pretty much every bad thing you can think of he did it under the pretense of D/s to Kevin.Well, three years after leaving Josh (which very nearly cost him his life) he is slowly, very slowly getting better. He meets Conner. Well Conner is just a knight in shiny armor. He is patient, supportive, understanding...etc..There is a large cast of supporting and supportive characters in this story.Well Josh just can't let Kevin move on and be happy, so there is drama added into the trauma..I actually liked it, it was heavy and very sad in parts, cute and humorous in parts, uplifting and sweet too.