Sakura Kiss - T.T. Kove While I liked the idea of this story and it definite had some serious and meaningful subject matter to cover, the execution of it didn't work as well as I would have liked.Armas was raped as a child but never told anyone, till it all became too much, he told a friend and then fled the country cutting all ties.He meets Takeo and they start a relationship, although it starts very dramatically.Armas has a lot of issues to deal with and really most of his healing and falling for Takeo takes place in a year and a half that is totally skipped in this book.I also was a little unsure why it was so important to Armas that he isn't gay, after being with Takeo for over a year he insist that he can't be labeled. Ok. Whatever he wants is fine, but I was also a little taken aback when a person he had been friends with all his life, and who was never bad to him, he says, he's just gonna forget him and burn a bridge he doesn't plan on crossing again. I would think, you can never have enough good friends.And I understand his need to leave, but leaving his family for a year and a half, leaving them thinking he's dead. That was really unnecessary, send a text saying I need time, but don't let them worry and mourn the unknown. And although I felt for him and his horrible history, I really really did, but his callous and cold treatment of his girlfriend before and after was also off putting. Takeo has a younger cousin living with him, and he was sort of a fun and quirky character.