Davi's Salvation - Stormy Glenn Ok, while I had some issues with this book, like the “the puckered pink hole that twinkled up at him” and that it started with a 'claiming' (off page) that sort of made me think rape, even if Davi says it wasn't. And the brain-telepathy that only worked when Davi or Salvador weren't having emo moments doubting the love and affection of the other, and really having a conversation while the bad guy stands there and gathers helpers or whatever? And we hear how powerful and Scary force the MAMA is, yet she doesn't really do anything? Davi has to jump in and save her behind. And will someone please explain to me WHY she wanted to save Viktor's scumbag rear after all the evil he was doing? Ok, all this means nothing to any of you who haven't read it, but Davi is is poor abused Omega and his lucky day was when this big human ( or maybe he isn't human mwhahah) kills the baddie Alpha and claims Davi not only as his mate, nope he's his bonded mate which is like mating on steroids. They love each other and have lots of hot smexing and fun is had by all until said evil Viktor comes and tries to ruin it all.I actually sort of enjoyed this story, it has a lot of potential and I'm thinking the brother and the blond guy he picked up at the end there might make for an interesting story. And I am a sucker for growling and mate-mine and turning furry. What can I say?