Pouring a Brick - Tray Ellis 3.65*This was a nice story. It's set at a Brazilian jui-jujitsu class. Will has been going for a few years and enjoys it, he doesn't feel the need to compete or rush to the next belt, he just enjoys the sport. Spence loves competition and gives what ever he's doing his all, he tries a few things before he lands at the same school as Will.They get along well and enjoy each others company and find the other attractive, but Will's personality is more wait and see, don't rush or disrupt the friendship and the class. Spence tries that as well, that's where the title of the book comes in, he decides not to be his usual go-get-em and go after what he wants with his all. But his true personality comes through in the end, and he makes his move. It's a slow moving story, with a lot of the martial art elements in it, the sex is fade to black, which fit the story. All in all a nice read.