Out of Left Field - Raine Norman 3.25*Jake should be living the dream, he moved from England to LA and has a job he loves and had a boyfriend.Well 'had' is the important part there, cause Micky is a cheating asshat so poor Jake is all sad and mopey and it doesn't help any when a rude guest checks in..and wants him to deliver KFC .But, whatever makes the guest happy, Jake will do. Now imagine his surprise when he literally runs into him during a jog the next morning and they really hit it off.Now, here is where I had my issues, I get instant attraction and stuff, but Billy really comes on strong to Jake, then leaves for three weeks and comes back and surprises him with who he is.I figure 3 weeks of Skype, texting and calls, they should have broached it, I felt as if he just sprung the whole publicity that's bound to come on Jake with no warning or asking of he's ok with that, and really like 12 hours together and Billy knows Jake's it? I think if the time together had been a little longer or the time they communicated had been shown more I would have liked it better. But all in all it was a cute sweet story.