Scars - Lynley Wayne Sometimes I surprise myself.This book had tons of stuff that normally drives me bonkers, insta-love, a gfy guy that takes to it like a duck to water, a total sex-a-thon, an annoyingly nosy pokey family with no boundaries, then the super supportive turn of said family, even going so far as to offer the college fund of their children to the new lover of one month. And a a surprise baby that the momma is willing to give full custody of to Jace and his male lover OF ONE MONTH Nathaniel, and if Jace should die..custody goes to Nathaniel?????WTF Everyone is perfect and great ( except people, even IF YOU HAVE A KEY, that doesn't mean you have to use it and walk in on people).And I know some of the things in this story aren't quite possible as they were portrait, I mean I'm sure Jace gets disability, but how does he have all this money? and a seven day a week therapist? And don't get me started on the Blake situation, and like I said, all of this with the guy he's been with a month..ONE month, and he's not gay, he's just in love with Nathaniel...Ok, now I'm just rambling, but seriously, despite all of that, once I started this story I couldn't put it down. It's a looonnnggg book, but I sat down and read it all the way through thinking this book is not what I like, it has all this stuff that I actually dislike, but for some reason I still really liked it. Can't explain it, don't even want to try, but it's nice to know I can still surprise myself and when the next one comes out, I'm guessing Rocky and Landon, ..I'm gonna read it.