Straight Men Can't Cook - Anna Birmingham 3.5Sweet fluffy short that fit the cute picture prompt really well.Russ and Tristan were roomies in college for about 6 months, and yes you guessed it, they each were eyeing the other,thinking sexy wishful thoughts.But alas, neither one did anything about it and they lost touch, now while fondling melons who does Russ run into?Yep, again you got it in one. Tristan.So after Russ braving the kitchen and actual food and Tristan braving eating it, they get to the fun parts.Watching an action movie. Lol, well that part is true, they just get to even better parts after the movie.:)I would have loved a quick peek into the future, cause as it was it was a really sweet HFN..but I'm greedy people, I want to know more.