The Field of Someone Else's Dreams - Amelia C. Gormley This was a beautiful picture prompt for the LHNB collection.This is a little story with a big message.It covers a lot of ground for such a short story, without feeling preachy.For Chris to go to college without a shitload of debt he needs a scholarship, but what happens when he has an injury that makes playing impossible? Matt has a scholarship too, but to really do what he wants, where he wants it, he would need to go to another school. But if he goes there, he loses the scholarship, a catch 22 for sure. Add to all of that Chris loves Matt , but he just knows he can't come out, his family won't understand, but Matt really wants him to.Well, shit happens as it must, and there are still open questions, but despite everything I was left feeling this is really going to work out ok.Maybe not right now, but it will, and you know that's how life is sometimes, it's messy and unfair and sucks, but it's also wonderful, hopeful and happy and an adventure.