Call Me Yours - Celia Kyle 3.25*This one is cute. Clover ( I really can't get over that name, and he's the human, the Fae's name is Mitchell..strange...) anyway, Clover is all hot and bothered by Mitchell, but avoids him like the plague, cause he lost his parents and he just can't fall for someone he might lose. ( hmmm..) Anyway evil adoptive mom from hell ( well actually she's a fae not from hell, but you get the point) tries to kill Clover and this causes Mitchell to finally make his move and claim Clover as his stôr ( his romantic..sigh).Now that part was cute, Clover has a crazy brain and thinks and says all kinds of chuckle worthy entertaining things.Although the ( I'm assuming typo) thought where he is experiencing Mitchell's clock sliding in and out of him, was an unintentional chuckle inducer I'm sure. But all in all a light fast mate-mine-glow and glitter faeries-gold tendril-shared feelings kind of story.