The Tail of a Dog - Summer Devon Anke's prompt for the LHNB event is a must read for all dog lovers. Hey Girl tells us her story and that of Shorty and Hey, her assless two leggers .It's so cute, funny and touching to see it all from her perspective, how sad and hungry and fearful she was in the beginning. An abandon dog just trying to make it day to day and be safe and have her pups..but a Good Samaritan and a cop brought together by her, change her life and their own. I liked Hey Girl a lot, how she saw the world and smelled her world..she definitely was the kind to just get straight to the point.It's hard to tell a romance from the perspective of their dog, but I got more than enough to be happy with guys and them being together. The way this one is told is just so much fun, that I can easily overlook the romance part being on the back burner,