The King's Mate - Ashavan Doyon Maybe 3*...I liked the idea behind this story. Russ and his backstory are a bit secretive in the beginning but when his friend and owner of the café he has coffee at every morning asks him for a favor, he does it.He starts getting secret notes from an admirer. It's cleared up pretty quickly who the admirer is, so there wasn't a lot of tension there. Both Russ and his admirer have difficult issues in their past to deal with and get over..but I had a few issues I had trouble getting over.First of all there was almost no dialog where a sentence was actually finished. It was all.....but I now ..he didn't..I can't ...We get the idea of what they are talking about but for heavens sake can no one finish a sentence? I mean I got the point, they are both a bit unsure and all, but it really took a lot of my enjoyment away, constantly wanting to tell them, finish your damn sentence already. And then again, I can do insta love and in this case they have known each other many years, even if only fleetingly, and I can do the age gap too..I actually think Justin might even be better off with an older more mature partner and I can get over the dad, I understand him wanting to say his peace, what I had an issue with, was after 2 nights together he is giving Justin his dead ex lovers ring of 10 years? really?? That did not work for me, at all. Had there been an epilogue and he gave him his own ring...but really, a recycled ring from the dead lover? I wouldn't have worn that if you paid me.