Off Sides - Dianne Hartsock *snoopy dance* a m/m/m story! :)I am a huge fan of ménage stories, I even posted my own picture prompt for one, so I was really excited to see this one out.Here a quick recap:The soccer team captain Luke is in the closet because his dad's going to disown him otherwise. Austin and Riley are also on the team and a couple. They are bullied by an asshat on the team and Riley's mom is an off page Mommy Dearest. Luke, knight in shining cleats rushes to the rescue and sort of decides that he loves the two other boys.It had all the great parts, sports, homophobes getting a smack down, hurt-comfort, ménage, great teammates and coach.., I guess it was just a little too rushed and short for me to really love it.Luke's turn around and decision to just say FU to whatever his dad might do and to what the future might hold..and the very very fast ILY and lets live together without any kind of real discussion taking place between the three, before even any sexual contact between the three.So,it was a cute free short, but I think I would have found it awesome if it had been extended a bit, I felt like I missed a chapter in the middle that I really wanted to be able to read.