Melting the Ice Witch - Mell Eight There are enough great reviews about this book, so I'm not going to go into it much.I am sorry to see this series end and really think there is more for Ms Eight to tell us about this world. Begging and bribery can be arranged . Kam a real outcast among the poor dock area he lives in, is kidnapped and taken to the cold and inhospitable area of the White dragon, because they believe him to be a witch and have powers they need ( or maybe just some sperm he can donate to help make more baby witches).He's actually pretty happy at this turn of events, well not the sperm/witch part but about being where he is, where can be useful and can ogle Lor. Kam isn't a witch, ( take that Christine O'Donnell, sorry, couldn't resist, ignore me) but he does have other talents that he wasn't aware of. I really liked his capabilities, nothing huge or flashy, but very useful and sweet. I sort of had an inkling when the mice would cuddle up to him. Lor the leader and witch of the group is Kam's love interest and like in most of these stories, it's more muted and hinted at, which is fine. This is more about the whole group we have met and learned to love along the way reading this series, all of them make an appearance, but as usual Tori steals the show. I love cute kids, and puppies and dragons and this has at least 2 of those things rolled into one and he's gonna get a puppy, I'm sure. Cause really, every hoard needs one. :)