Love You So Hard - Tara Lain 3.75*Craig is smart, good looking (at least Jessie thinks he is) and a genuinely nice guy, but his low to no self-esteem has him think he doesn't deserve the good things in life.It takes having a promotion literally stolen from him and having an asshat insult him at a bar for him to decide he needs to do something about it.Now he doesn't exactly do it, he has Jessie this young guy he's been lusting after at the coffee shop 'tutor' him.Jessie has a lot of self-esteem and slowly but surely helps Craig change his life.Now, I had a small issue with Craig thinking he has to top in order to be the person he wants to be? He seemed to think that was the changing factor for him, he kept repeating it all the time, what would a top do? And I'm a top..etc.Not that that's wrong, I don't think that was a self-esteem solver ...I think it's more getting recognized for his accomplishment making Jessie feel good and the headhunters really wanting him, practically sight unseen, and his ex-boss recognizing his value.I sort of wished I was sure that's how he saw it, and not as the topping or bottoming making the difference. ( cause Jessie certainy didn't have an issue with self esteem and motivation and he's a bottom).The financial disparity I can live with, although the beginning negotiations were a bit strange.But it's a cute, sweet story and I like that he takes care and loves his mom and that Jessie is so close to his dad.