Yin and Yang - Edward Kendrick Sort of spoilerish The blurb sort of sets it up, although the Mom doesn't abandon Neal, she is kidnapped and murdered.The cop, Kenyon, who finds him takes a great interest in him and his welfare and Neal also bonds with him.His social worker Teo also takes an interest in Kenyon and Neal.There was some issue with Teo being a player and Kenyon only wanting a solid relationship, but it was told that way, but I never saw what the issue was, then they move in together and take Neal in...and HEA. There was this sort of paranormal aspect at the beginning with Neal, not quite sure what purpose it served, because it wasn't needed and then disappeared.All in all it was an ok read, but not really enough of anything to hold my interest, the love story was without any real conflict and the one there was seemed forced and the thing with Neal was just a fairy tale with whip cream on top.