Protect and Serve: Flash Point - Lena Austin Tigs and his motley crew of shifters..( rat, Rottweiler, tabby and a Himalayan...) work construction sites.It's when someone set fire to a place and Tigs is still in the building which gives the tabby a chance to meet firefighter Dustin.Dustin is slowly getting over the death of his husband, he takes the stray cat home and lo and behold when the cat turns into a hunky sexy nakkid man he isn't all that shocked. They have sex, and there is a bit of D/s dynamic going on, very little, but Tigs thinks he is just a poor alley cat and not good enough for Dustin.Dustin doesn't give up easily.It's cute, I guess, but the instant love after one bout of sex and not seeing each other for months ..and I didn't quite get Tigs's hang-ups either.