Bane of Boston - J.P. Barnaby Now to be honest I'm not much of a sports fan, but I do know that a lot of people are very very serious about 'their' teams, so I guess it really is likely that Jack's situation is portrait pretty realistically.Jack, as he is now known, lost everything important to him when he caught a ball at a game and his team lost because of this..his boyfriend of 8 years left him, his brother hates him, he had to move from his beloved Boston, leave his mother, lost his job, he even changes his name, he was hounded and chased and ridiculed beyond what he could endure.So he starts a new life in Chicago, he hasn't gone into a baseball stadium since that fateful day, but he does go to a sports bar to watch a game. It's there he meets Ryan and after a beer or two and a convo they go back to Ryan's place and get busy.Now I know there had to be some conflict, but Ryan's thoughts just ruined him for me and he was never really able to redeem himself for me, at least not all the way. Maybe if I had gotten a peek into Ryan's head during the intervening time, it would have helped me, you know, see I'm all remorseful and suffering..yes, I can be a bit cold hearted, get over it, I'm sure others will say, Aww...but me? I'm like you jerk, kiss my beehive! Of course it has it's happy ending and although I thought it was a little rushed and I sort of wanted to see Ryan grovel.., no not sort of, I wanted to see him grovel. A lot. he takes Jack home KNOWING who he really is and since he's a reporter he wants to totally make a name for himself and show daddy what a good sports reporter the 'gay boy' is, now, to be fair I'm guessing a reporter always has the story in the back of his mind, but he fucks him thinking, he is waaayyyy more likely to spill to him now that they've had sex..yes, yes, Ryan is a prince among men. He doesn't write anything about it but still, I can't quite forgive him for how he thought of Jack and of his life and I really thought he was using him, no, he didn't act on it, but he def planned on it, until Jack makes him feel like an ass.