Finding the Wolf - Mell Eight Ok, as always I wasn't able to get my act together and actually read this series in order, but that didn't make a bit of difference in my enjoyment.I like dragon stories, a lot. Mell Eight has written some very cute, fun and interesting dragon stories. Nyle might be 300 years old, but he's still a spring chicken in the dragon world, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a very important job to do. He needs to find Prince Leon and bring him back to the castle for the humans.Well, things aren't quite as easy as they seem, he finds Leon pretty quickly and Leon certainly enjoyed being found...but intrigue , magi, werewolves, eccentric mothers and crazy dads are at work and have to be dealt with.The side characters are fun and the story was quick action packed and interesting. Nyle was a typical dragon and wanted his hoard and his pretty safe and happy and shiny, and Leon is happy to oblige him.