Weekends - Edward Kendrick Mitri is a talented photographer, but that's not what his father wants him to be, but with a push from his best friend Jack and his frustration with school, he decides that's what he is going to do with his life.He sees Marcus and is smitten, not only that he wants him to model for him.Marcus agrees, going against his usual behavior, to say he is set in his ways and lives a very scheduled and predictable life might be an understatement.Marcus likes Mitri but holy cow, he harps on the age difference so much I was getting sick of hearing it, and it seemed to me Mitri has to make all the effort. He's the one that calls, he is the one that pushes and opens himself up, Marcus pushes him away and is a bit condescending, I think.When Marcus finally gets some sense talked into him he tries again with Mitri and things work out better. It's an easy read, not a lot going on, Mitri's dad is an asshat and dear heavens Marcus is still not over some mysterious heartbreak by an older guy 18 years ago, or at least that's what he says is holding him back from going after Mitri.They work it out and all is well, oh and the sex is on the tame and sparse side, which is fine.