Loving the Assistant - Shawn Lane 2.5* maybe...Lorrie has been working as a waiter for years, and that's fine with him, he gets along with everyone and If he sometimes wants a little more out of life, that's normal, right?His boss Rita takes medical leave and her son Jackson jumps into to help and they promote Lorrie to assistant manager.Lorrie and Jackson go out and start dating. The end.It was nice enough, but I didn't get much out of it except Lorrie is a bit of a twink and Jackson looks like he could be James Bond, the Grandma is annoyingly Grandmotherish and Rita set them up. I did like that no 'I love You's' were thrown in, and no annoying 'baby/ babe' and such either. Too short and light to be very memorable but I guess fine for a quick read.