Good Breeding - J.L. Merrow Why oh why are thou so short? This is a cute little short, although as a non-Brit I had to think a bit on a few of the words, but it was pretty self-explanatory. Giles grew up knowing he was adopted, and with a push from his best friend Oz he finally goes to see his birth mother and the rest of her family.To say he was surprised might be an understatement, Giles is a bit of a snob, but deep down he isn't, his BF is just a real asshat and a bad influence on him.I liked that you are more than where you come from, or who your parents are, or your social status. I would have loved for this one to be longer, show me Oz and Giles friendship, show me Oz's longing for him, I want to see Hugh getting his comeuppance, a real relationship with his birth family, give me a peek at their future together, maybe a trip to Greece to look for dear ol' dad?