Flying With Dragons - Sean Michael Dragon Shifters? Did I hear Dragon Shifters? I did and I was on this one in a heartbeat. Kyfan is an efficient assistant and has worked for the president for years and years, but he's bored so he asked for a transfer to the office of the Director of Human/Dragon Relations. Little did the small, unassuming and innocent dragon know this was going to be the best decision of his life. Grunk isn't happy about having to take this job as Director, he loves his lair and his mountains and just being in his dragon form, so the city with its smells and humans and congestion is not to his liking. He's grumpy and annoyed, but that's about to change. He meets his sweet and unassuming assistant Kyfan and after a brief conversation realizes he hasn't shifted in forever and has never flown, he decides that needs to change right this very minute. Grunk is definitely a force to be reckoned with and Kyfan doesn't even try to fight the inevitable. He goes along with the big powerful Dragon and flies for the first time. It's in dragon form they discover they are heartmates. That really starts the mate pull, possessiveness and sexual attraction between them. They are both well past the age of finding their heartmates so the happiness at it finally happening is huge and especially for little Kyfan who never seemed to be important for anyone, but now he is the most important thing in the world for his big dragon mate. All the rumbles, purrs and roars, smexy happenings and shiny treasures in their lairs, all add up to make me a happy Mandy. The world building was good, if not enough for my liking, but of course it's a short story and that limits the possibilities. I also wanted to know what was up with Redic, Kyfan's boss, why is he such an arrogant asshat? And why did Grunk have to take this job? What will the council say to the bonding? Are they secret matchmakers? This had a definite Happy End, but I sure would love more of them and this dragon-human world that Sean Michael created.