Courage to Love - L.L. Brooks The blurb says it, Glenn was bashed just as he was starting to discover his sexuality, that set him back so much emotionally that he moved and lives a very reclusive life.He works from home and has his dog, Dude, and does lots of anonymous good deals, but doesn't form anytime of relationship with people.Chad is annoyed and mad at his situation at work and takes it out on Glenn, but that quickly, very very quickly turns into sex and lust/love.Glenn refuses to be seen with Chad or let him in his house when anyone is home, but Chad doesn't give up and of course when the big brouhaha comes to a head, Glenn sees the light. I did like that about Chad, he doesn't push or prod or guilt Glenn into more, he just keeps being there for him, even knowing all Glenn is waiting for is the other shoe to drop. It was a quick, easy read, the abuse was in the past and totally off page and the attack at the end was over pretty quickly.I guess the two guys talked and got to know each other, I didn't really see it happening, just a lot of sex and a quick resolution. The term 'baby' is used quite a bit, as an affectionate term, right from the start of their relationship.