The Superior Jewel - Hurri Cosmo Ryan is attacked in a bathroom and saved by a sexy strong beautiful knight in a shining suit. Ryan leaves without getting his hero's name, because again he was being accosted by another man and needed to escape.A few months later he is on a short dinner cruise with his ex and who is also there? But the man he has been fantasizing about the last few months. As Jansen introduces himself, it seems the ex Cheyenne had an ulterior motive to going on this trip with Ryan. All in all it was a cute, fast read, although I had a few things that bugged me.It seems Ryan is a total whimp, Cheyenne uses and belittles him and threatens him and all he can do is comply and he also seems to attract the attention of men yet before Jansen he was never attracted to one or even thought that he might be gay.And boy, even after being beaten up he is getting a hard-on, and just Jansen's voice has him hard and wanting..he also seems to be submissive to Jansen ( and at least to some extent to Cheyenne). Even at the end of the book, he decides to leave all those decisions as to how it will continue between them to Jansen. Dear Ryan, please take an interest in your own well being and stand up for yourself. The only thing he did for himself was leave law school but even that was after a professor held his hand and got him where he needed to be. Cheyenne couldn't have been more OTT if she tried, talk about a manipulative, egotistical, slutty, cold and arrogant woman, and she was in the book a lot, way more than I needed her to be, and I got the point pretty quickly, how truly horrible she is, but it kept on being shown. She wanted the mega rich Jansen and she was going to get him. Yeah, well that didn't work out for her. I guess there are woman like her, but I just get annoyed at the whole evil, homophobic and user female in these books.Oh and I didn't like Jansen all that much, yes he changed his thoughts on Ryan from 'prey and conquest' to love of his life and wants to put a ring on it, but still, I just couldn't warm up to him, maybe it was all the 'smirking' he did.