The Strongest Shape - Tessa Cardenas, Tessa Cárdenas 13 April 2013I am having trouble waiting patiently for my LHNB story by Lexi Ander so to help me get through what feels like months of waiting, well actually it is months of waiting, I'm rereading this favorite to get in the ménage frame of mind.Finished, and yes, totally worth a reread, still love it! I'm sure to come back to this one again! Review from 5 Nov 20124.5*This book totally worked for me, I devoured it! I'm not even sure why, except I do like well done m/m/m stories and this one is that! Chris ( sometimes possessive and slightly irrational) and Scott ( the sane, rational one) are in a long term relationship.Caleb ( just dumped by BF) meets and develops a friendship with Scott while Chris is away (no cheating, so don't worry) anyway a friendship develops between all three.The interesting thing about this story is that everyday issues like jealousy, insecurity how family and friends react, and not being able to be open about their realtionship impacts them.There is a lot of sex in this book, but it didn't feel overwhelming and even if they all stayed at Scott's place almost constantly, they still all had their own apartments , which actually felt realistic , since it takes time for them to be sure of their places in this triangle.It's told exclusively from Caleb's POV but I felt as if I understood the other two just as well, so this one goes on my favorites shelf, and I'm sure to reread it eventually! ETA I have had a bad run with the last few books, I decided to reread this one...and yep, I still love it! Ok, I need my ménage fix...doing another reread!