Only Yours - J.R. Patrick Spoilerish reviewThere is a lot to like about this story, at least for me, I always appreciate things that are just a bit outside the norm, and in this story Nate's job is a bit outside the norm, and not only that, he is happy with it, no childhood trauma or whatever had him choose this path, he just wanted to. Which is totally fine, what isn't totally fine is how he treated Dre.He and Dre have been dating a while, but because Nate's job takes him out of town a lot, Dre asks him to move in with him, at least when he is in town.Nate's answer, leave in the middle of the night, no note, no nothing. Classy, Nate, very classy.Since it's a short story, I don't know if Nate lied to Dre about is job or what, can't imagine it didn't come up, but to say Dre was shocked to see Nate again, and to see him in his professional capacity after 6 months, is putting it mildly.To me Nate was just too much of a taker, he was of the opinion, if you love me you have to live with what I do and accept me, of course only now that Dre found out on his own, being honest because he was afraid of being rejected, wasn't his thing, obviously.I just thought he was so unapologetic about his job, which again, is totally fine, but give your partner, your lover the chance to decide if he wants to live with that or not, anyway, Dre takes him back...and still they don't talk??Nate assumes everyone sees things his way..until Dre doesn't anymore.It all works out, but for me Nate just never really got it, he never took Dre's feelings and wants into consideration or even asked, it was all about Nate.When he finally did get it , with some help from his friend, it wasn't all that believable to me. All on all it was a nice story, but since I had such issues with Nate's egocentric and selfish behavior, it was hard for me to really love it.I would have needed a lot of groveling for me to believe in this relationship.