Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C. Zev and Jonah have been fascinated and drawn to each other since earliest childhood, not knowing or even caring why.Their friendship and closeness shouldn't be a problem, but it is, Zev is the future alpha of his pack and Jonah is a human child. Zev's family and pack discourage interaction with humans, but Zev can't and won't give Jonah up, until he has to let him go to get his education.I had a bit of an issue getting used to the way the story is told, at least in the beginning, it switches form the present here and now to flashbacks of their childhood and years together and apart. I did like getting both POVs.This had a different and interesting take on shifters and their mating and traditions, I read a lot of paranormal stories and like it when something is outside the norm. Although except for Zev being stronger and such I didn't really see all that much alpha in him, but we are told he is, so I'll go with it.I figured out most of what was up with Jonah and his history pretty early and was impatiently waiting for the big reveal, and I do think Zev should have told and explained things to Jonah earlier, but that's just me.This is a true friends to lovers story, with long distance relationship thrown in, a bit of mating pull and shifters, some bigots and criminals, a bit of mystery, and some hot smexing.I am looking forward to Miguel and Ethan's story, since they were introduced at the end of this one, I think we will see their beginnings years ago.