Of One Mind (One Mind, #1) - Elizabeth L. Brooks 3.5*This is a different kind of story for me, it's sci-fi or futuristic.People have telepathic or mental abilities and also one true mate.Jereth has been reluctant to find his mate and when he finally relents and does he is surprised and disappointed to find his mate is a man.Caris has led a horrible life in a very poor and outcast town abused by his brother.He thought finding his mate was going to make everything better, so he was devastated when Jereth told him it was a mistake.Jereth of course, decides to find him anyway.It was a shorter story set in an interesting world.ETAI read this one a year ago and found it on my reader and decided to give it another go, it is still an interesting book with a great premise. I had a few niggles but loved the idea of the book.