Glitter - Diana DeRicci 3.35*Cute friends to lovers story.Josh was supposed to be at least a bit homophobic in the beginning, we are told, I never really saw it, it was more of a push-pull between the flamboyant and out and proud Lawrence and Josh, who oddly doesn't quite know what it is about Lawrence that just got him all revved up.It took a few years, but Josh figured it out, he's gay, or at least he's gay for Lawrence.Lawrence was understandably unsure of Josh's real feelings and intentions, but it really was pretty conflict and angst-free story.It ends sort of abruptly and with some very open questions, but since I've read the other ones in this series, I know how their story, not a big problem, for me. My only real niggle and what sort of confused me was why the rich, professor Dom Sean and his two little young subby boys were in this? It felt so random and out of place, and they were really so cliche and unnecessary to this story, at least for me.