Lashings of Sauce - Robbie Whyte, Elyan Smith, Lillian Francis, Rebecca Cohen, Elin Gregory, Sandra Lindsey, Becky Black, Tam Ames, Josephine Myles, J.L. Merrow, Emily Moreton, Charlie Cochrane, Zahra Owens, Alex Beecroft, Clare London, Anne Brooke, Jordan Castillo Price I will rate/review as I go, but I had to start today with a very special story.My dear friend Lucy sent me this quote from the book and I knew I had to move it up my TBR pile and read this particular story ASAP.Sollicito by Charlie Cochrane:“It’s not as simple for us. You need to carry both recessive genes and the correct markers on other chromosomes to become a were-sloth. See, I told you my problems are worse than yours, and when you stop laughing you might understand.”I might be outing myself as slightly obsessed with sloths, but that's ok, I think they are cuteness squared, so there! *sob* it's sooo short, I want to know more, how did he think mom didn't know? What's in store for him and Graeme? This is so cute, the MCs 'voice' is really funny, and really Linaeus Two-toed sloths are so adorable, no matter what they normally eat. ;) Oh please, please dear Ms Cochrane, make this a longer story? pretty please?