Talker - Amy Lane I have had this series on my iPad forever, and I seem to be really behind the curve in reading it, so I am going to rectify that and start now. :)4.25*Ok, first I am very happy I waited to start this book until all three stories were out, if I had read this and not known there was more of their story for me to get to right away..I would have been grumpy-Mandy.Brian is a sweetheart and I hate that he keeps thinking he is slow and stupid, he isn't, he might not have 'gotten' a vital part of himself without Virginia's help, but I think that's because he was thinking far more about Talker than about himself. And while I'm at it, I love, love that the girlfriends or ex-girlfriend in this case was smart, sweet, helpful and caring, a positive female, not the vindictive, jealous homophobes we usually get.This book barely scratches the surface of Talker's issues, and I am pretty sure Brian hasn't been left unscathed by his childhood or his guilt for what has happened to Talker.It was sad and made me angry and unhappy but it was also hopeful and left me looking forward to their future.Now off to read book 2.