Love Thy Neighbor - Jack  Greene Jack Greene's books are usually a fun, hot, sexy, light read for me, and this one was exactly that.There is also a Scot named Gerard ( yes, I picture GB in this story, yummmm) and it's a ménage, almost like it was written just for me. :)Gerard is straight, or at least he thought so, until he started watching his young, beautiful, androgynous model neighbors play. They like to kiss and dance and fondle each other in front of the window, and Gerard has a great view.He tries to resist, but really, when Ash and Quinn invite him over to have a front row seat to the show and make it interactive, resistance is futile. My only niggle is I would have liked a little bit of the friendship either before or after, I wanted to make sure this is going to work. So, a hot short with a hopeful beginning/HFN .