Xavier's Way - Diana DeRicci Sweet GFY romance.Xavier's ex-fiancée not only stole from him and almost ruins his business, no she is homophobic witch ! Fortunate she isn't on page and we only hear about her.Jordan is sent to audit the books and see if he can find the who/where/when of it, so Xavier can try and recop his loses and save his business.Jordan falls in love/lust with X pretty quickly, we hear they spend a lot of time together and become friends but because of the length if the story we don't see it.X starts questioning his sexuality because he feels an attraction to Jordan too! I do have to say Xavier's concerns are probably realistic and I can understand him being unsure and nervous if he is gay or just gay for Jordan and not really wanting to come out. He does seem a bit dramatic , but I guess there is a lot going on in his life at one time, Jordan deserves Saint of the year award.I did have 3 small niggles, the ending is very HFN, Xavier hasn't come out except to his closet friend ( who is also gay), and X still has a lot of reservations about coming out, even if they are talking marriage! And it ends as they are about to have ( I assume) anal sex for the first time, so they haven't done the deed yet, but we are to assume all goes well.But my biggest WTF moment was at the beginning, Jordan is so turned on by Xavier just being in the same room, he goes into the restroom at Xavier's place of business ( its only the two of them left in the building) and proceeds to jerk off, no lock doors, no leaning against the door so no one can come in- yes, you guessed it, Xavier walks in and sees him! I'm not saying it can't happen, but Jordan is there to work and there was no sexual stuff going on between them yet, but he doesn't have enough self control to wait till he gets home or LOCK the door??I know the author used this situation so Xavier could start thinking about Jordan in a different light, but I just thought it was ridiculous.