Animal Magnetism - Heidi Champa, Cari Z., Minerva Wisting, Lily Velden, Kate Pavelle, Liz Makar, G.S. Wiley, Matthew Vandrew, Chris T. Kat, Avery Vanderlyle, Kim Fielding, R. Cooper, A.J. Marcus, Skylar Jaye, Emily  Gould A nice Anthology with pets and animals of all kinds! Overall a very enjoyable read.May contain some mild spoilers! A Few To Many by Heidi Champa 3.5*Cute story about a champion Sheepdog , who celebrated his win with a few too many cups leftover from the celebration and Ted, his human, wearing a Kilt..yum..takes him to the vet.The Vet and Ted hit it off! It was cute, but really short and I would have liked to have seen the first date. Having A Ball by Cari Z 4*This was a sweet one, and only suffered from -too short-syndrome-! Poor Jimmy the youngest of six children, and not approciated enough for what he is dong for Michael, I was glad Michael thanked him and apologized, but like Jimmy, I sort of wish it had come at a different time! I loved the MC's and they were cute, I wanted more of them! Along Came Spiders by Matthew Vandrew 4*I would love a longer one about these two, Hedge seems like a very interesting charachter.It's fun, and even if I agree with Alec about the also had a nice ending! Cuddling Up by Chris T Cat 2.5*it hit a few of my pet peeves, which might not bother others.Insulting bratty MC, overlord bossy and annoying other MC! One acted stupid and dangerously and the other really is a caveman. I read another book by this author and it felt similar so it just might be her style, but it does nothing for me.Didn't like them, and saw no attraction between them.New Tides Avery Vanderlyle 4*I would have probably loved this one of there had been a few more pages, as it was it ended on a hopeful note, but I'm greedy and wanted a bit more, just to be sure! The MC's were cute, but I was a fan of Cleopatra and Kylie! :)Care and Rehabilitation by Kim Fielding 4**sniff* what a touching story, Ira a professor runs into a former student and sees that maybe there is a second chance at happiness.I really really wanted a bit more, this was a HFN, with a positive ending, but..I really wanted a HEA for Ira! I wanted to SEE it! *sniff* Butterbean and the Pretty Princess make a Home by R.Cooper 4*Ok, after reading this one, the name makes sense...:)Cute, I love the kittens and Eli and Riley, but again...just a few more pages....maybe the dinner with Mom, that had to be fun! LOLJonno by Emily Gould 3.5*I'm not usually a fan of someone being in a relationship then jumping to the next one, but I liked that the MC in this one made a real effort to start the new one right. It helped that his ex was pretty unlikeable and that Mitchell was likeable.I would have liked an epilogue for this one, maybe a year down the road, but as more often than not in this anthology I am left wanting just a bit more secure HEA, but that's just me! And personally , I loved Jonno, what's not to love about a dangerous attacking gay squirrel! :)On an Eagle's Wing by AJ Marcus 3*I kept getting distracted by the words 'the falconer' and 'the ranger' instead of their names, and I guess hunting and poachers and mountain men aren't my cup of tea. The story is nice , and I did enjoy learning a bit about eagles and falconers! Why did the Chicken Cross the Road by Skylar Jaye 3*Not sure about this one, I liked Gabe and his hens! That was cute! Aaron was sort of a mystery, and I'm not a fan of the way he behaved, all jealous and wanting a commitment, and I didn't see any relationship between them.They hadn't done more than one kiss, and Aaron ran away after that, no dinner together, no talks or conversations..I wouldn't have consider them friends, he didn't even know Aaron was going away for a business trip, because Aaron didn't tell Gabe, becaus they don't talk...nope, 2* were for the chickens and one for the potential...and that's all the ending was, a potential HFN.Tears for a Broken Sun by Minerva Wisting 3.5*Very original setting, having the MC's find each other during the tsunami in Japan.This is one story that needed another page, did Akira finally follow his dream, now that the flower store and his home were destroyed ? I really wanted to see them a bit down the road. 1/2 * was for Wan!! Stripped Bare by Lily Velden 4.5*So far my favorite of the bunch, despite being short it felt complete.I would have liked more info about Michael, but all in all a touching, sweet story and Oliver was a riot! Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle 3.5*Oh, I was so sad..this could have been a 5* read, but dagnabit, it just right in the middle..sure it was hopeful..but Kai and Attila had great back stories, I'm sure of it, it was hinted at , and I really wanted to know about them. I would buy a longer story about these two in a heartbeat. I'm just a little miffed at the ending! Show And Tell by Liz Makar 4.5*Funny story, a first grade teacher, with some very mature students, keeps having his class pets, either die or disappear.The new pet store owner Sam falls quickly for the sweet and funny Damien. Very cute, and greedy me would have loved more of these tow and their snakes! *snicker* The Conch Republic by G.S. Wiley 3*I liked the MC's , they had interesting and unusual ( in romance books) occupations. One had a Conch museum and the other worked for 6 yrs on a cruise ship. After his break-up he came back to his home town of Key West.This could have been pretty good, but it felt more like a sample or first chapter of the story.