From the Inside Out - Talya Andor 3.75*This is a story I really liked and probably could have loved. It had two interesting main characters going through a lot of developments and maturing. Soren the oldest of 5 children and 20 yrs old and Lucas is an only child with an overbearing dad and chilly step-mother and he's 19.Soren could be described as very quiet, shy and introverted, Lucas is very open, outgoing, a flirt and has had a few hook-ups and 2 more serious relationships.How they meet and start dating was interesting, the thoughts and process of coming out and being more self assertive was also very pronounced in Sores. Lucas also changes a lot throughout the story and getting both points of view was helpful.I liked these boys, I liked that they worked at what they wanted, that they took their time and listened to each other.I guess the teen angst bit and knowing this 'is it' after 3 months and will 'always and forever' is normal in the beginning of love especially at that age, being so wrapped up in each other.Soren's mother was a little dramatic but at least his dad was levelheaded and I was happy to see Lucas's dad wasn't quite the monster we were lead to believe. The Aaron story line added at least a little break from their 'can-I-do-I-what-are-we-is-it-love-' inner musing.For me the length worked against this story ( around 165 000 words) I felt like Soren's fears and thoughts were rehashed enough times it got old and Lucas's worries and bi-sexual explanations and how he was a chick-magnet also felt like those issues were just repeated so many times. I got it the first 10 times. I didn't need another 20 regurgitations of the same issue. So maybe 50 000 less words and it would have really been great for me. Also, a few editing mistakes pulled me out. Just one example is amount of children in Soren's family switched between 4-5 a few times. But, all in all it was a nice, sweet love story. One young man coming out of his shell and another finding what he needed to be more grounded.