Darian's Angel - Sabine Cross This one might have been good. if it had been a little longer, if the BJ in the parking garage of a hospital while the MC is in a wheelchair and they have exchanged literally 3 sentences and the annoying and pushy as shit little sister hadn't practically used a megaphone to announce their interest in each other for all the world, had been replaced with a little info on each guy or them together. Or if after seeing him months earlier he already thinks he's an 'angel' but the good cop assumes the girl is a girlfriend and walks off..hope he ( Darian) doesn't investigate my murder..If it had been longer, maybe ..as it was he already felt more for Liam than he did for his lover of 10 years...a BJ in the parking garage of the hospital ( I keep needing to repeat that) and a small tiff about age and an exchange of phone numbers...yeah, I'm disappointed in this one.