Bully for You - Catt Ford 3.65*The blurb is pretty accurate. Marti and his pals put the flame in flaming. His Swarovski decorated shirt, eyeliner, designer jeans and new fashionable boots are the perfect outfit to go see the cowboys riding the bulls and if nothing else have fun admiring the eye candy.Marti is out and proud, at least in his free time and has a mouth on him when he gets some heat from stupid people.In a bar after the rodeo he shows off his amazing talent for pissing of drunken asshats and nets a hot stud Jesse for his troubles. When things progress a bit more, Marti's usual bravo fails a bit and he's not sure that there is anyway for two such different men to ever make a go of it. I liked this short, Marti and his friends are a hoot, Jesse is a nice guy, if a bit bland compared to Marti. The ending was a hopeful HFN, and of course me being me really would have liked a sneak peek into the future.