Audible - Dawn Kimberly Johnson 3.25*Talbot lost his parents early, living with his aunt and uncle, he moved around a lot and always had to work to fit in as ' the new kid'.This is probably part of why it took him so very long to 'rock the boat' as he put it.But when he moves into town as a sophomore in high school and meets Powell, he finally has a best friend, a family and finally a lover.All through college they are a couple, although a closeted one. Then football takes him away, the breakup was hard and leaves both of them sad, unhappy and at least Powell is angry ( understandably ).Now they are both back in the same town and Talbot wants another chance.It was cute and I liked it, but I wanted more on screen time with Talbot and Powell together, more than just anger and a bathroom hook-up.Another chapter or two and this could have been really good. And what's with Mel coming on to both of these guys? At least she wasn't horrible, but why do these stories need pushy ( and at least during dinner with Talbot slightly threatening IMO women?) and Coco the silly stupid woman?