The Lonely Heart - K.M. Mahoney 3.65*This was a nice long read, with surprisingly little sex and all in all just a plain feel good read.Isaiah has been working and living on the ranch for 8 years and more or less loves his boss( Grady) but doesn't think it will ever go anywhere. ( EIGHT years people and they BOTH have NO clue that the other feels the same way. Amazing) Anyway, Isaiah suddenly finds himself the guardian of his 10 year old half-brother he knew nothing about.Josh has a disability that has left him mute, but he does seem to get his point across without any issues.Grady also has a learning disability that has left his self esteem in tatters and he's been keeping it hidden for years, from everyone.I had a few moments, like the principle introducing himself and the teacher by first names, it might be at the progressive school, but I've never had that happen. I wished it had delved into Grady doing ( if he does do anything about it) working on his disability. My oldest has it and I always like to see it shown that there are some ways to work around it and learn some coping mechanism even at Grady's age. No details, just showing that he can overcome it, at least to an extent and not just giving it up as hopeless.I also would have liked a little bit of closure on his sister Tracy. *slightly spoilerish from here on* Also, the Mayor and Sheriff writing those threatening letters, really? And giving directions NOT to have calls put through? I would have sued their rear ends off. Anywhooo...Josh was a cutie, and I was glad when at least at one point Isaiah says he isn't perfect and doesn't keep his room clean, cause my kids were driving me bonkers today and I was getting a little irritated at this sweet, smart, perfect child. He never has homework or doesn't listen...ignore me, it's just me being a little jealous.