Junk - Josephine Myles It's out ! 4.25*Wow, what a story. I downloaded it immediate this morning when Samhain sent my notification email ( thank you Samhain for that service ).I spent almost all day in Jasper and Lewis's world and loved it there. I'm actually very upset that it's over.Jasper is a hoarder and it was very interesting to see the reasons behind it, even though they weren't conscious thoughts, it is always amazing what your mind and subconscious, your feelings and conscience actually cause in physical manifestations.In Jasper's case hoarding, but I know it can have so many ways of materializing.I so felt for Jasper, most of us all carry guilt and regret and at least some anger about things we can't change, I don't hoard ( much;)) but I so identified with a lot of his feelings, especially this quote: ....."made him want to howl at the unfairness of it all. That some were healthy and others sick. Some happy, others bitter.” My goodness that resonated with me... Even his therapist admits to having issues himself, and I can tell Lewis has issues, even if I think they are different from the ones he thinks he has. :) There is actually very little sex in this story, but a lot of friendship and longing, loving, healing and need. I very much enjoyed this story, it had a very different setting and it felt very new and fresh for me.There was a small cameo by Brandon and Jos from Jo's story in [b:Winter Warmers|13053026|Winter Warmers|Chrissy Munder|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1321213620s/13053026.jpg|18217999] which was nice. ( I admit to knowing that I had read about them before but had to ask the author where ). Also Mas will be getting his own story in May of 2014 and I for one am very excited for that one.