On Tinsel Wings - Augusta Li Note to self : download on July 5th.DSP note to you: wouldn't it be nice to send out email reminders to all your lovely customers that pre-order books from you. I know you can, you do it with the Daily Dose. Just sayin'. Update the note to self didn't work, I stumbled over it by accident. I downloaded it now, but it would have been so much nicer to get a little email. Samhain does it ..*hint* I read this book pretty much in one sitting, I had to stop to feed the kids and do some other things,normally when I have a book that's this long, I will take a break with a shorter story in between, but Patrick held me captive and I stayed up past my bedtime to finish his story.Patrick, wow, not sure how to describe him, despite being pretty much invisible to people around him ( or at least he thinks he is) living with an alcoholic father and just generally having a less than pleasant existence, he is hopeful and sweet and good. He's 19 so I understand some of his stronger emotions, the highs and lows you feel especially strong at that age. This is a wonderful story of Patrick really coming into his own, finding friends, a surrogate family, a passion for drag and getting more recognition and input in his beloved Faire.The supporting characters were exactly that, they encouraged and supportive. The love story between Patrick and Yu didn't work for me, I saw it as very one sided almost until the end and never really cared for Yu at all. I know that's because I didn't get in Yu's head, but I kept hoping for one of the drag queens to turn Patrick's head instead. It felt as if Patrick was always giving to Yu ( and to his father)but neither one appreciated him.So, while I loved Patrick and his story of his metamorphosis from larvae to beautiful butterfly, the romance unfortunately didn't do it for me.