Until Forever Comes - Cardeno C. Note to self download May 20th.Note to DSP it would be really cool if you would send out reminders for pre-ordered books when they become available. Samhain does it, and it's a very customer friendly thing to do. This is the second book in the Mates series, but it's actually more of a prequel to [b:Wake Me Up Inside|15760973|Wake Me Up Inside (Mates, #1)|Cardeno C.|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1342757827s/15760973.jpg|21461431], and it helped clear up some things from that book.Ethan, poor little guy, he never quite fit in with his pack, he was small and sickly and he couldn't shift. All things that made him undesirable. We only see a little of his parents and a bit more of his sister, but they were great, no hating on the little runt from them. They love him and he knows it.Out one evening he runs into some vampires, which is how he planned the evening, he went so far as to figure this would be the end of his short life, he was getting sicker and figured why not go out with a bang.Instead he meets Miguel, and he quickly figures out this is his true mate, he gets Miguel on board with that and things take off. Well mostly the clothes get taken off..I loved that little small runt Ethan tops more often than not, but neither one is dominant in the relationship, even if Miguel is much much older and wiser and more powerful and wealthier...etc. There's some action and some baddies get their due, we get a bit more of shifter and vampire infos and it's a sweet mate-mine *insert growl here* story which I enjoyed.