Superhero - Eli Easton Note to self: download July 25thNote to DSP: please remind me to download. DSP didn't send out a reminder email...sigh* but a 'like' got me over here and I noticed the date and I downloaded it ( go me) and it's up next. Yay. I Love This Book My review is mushy and gushing and a teeny bit spoilerish so proceed at your own risk. Here's a quote from Jordan: "Damn, he looked fine in that burnt orange and black singlet with the big white W on his chest. As it was wont to do, my heart did a happy little squiggle in my chest before flopping over and surrendering in a puddle of goo.”Jordan perfectly sums up how I feel about this adorable little YA story. I turned into a Mandy-shaped pile of goo. I am not going to give a real review of it, all I can say is Jordan rocks, Owen is an absolute sweetheart and Emily is a beautiful soul.Maybe it's an idealized version of how it can be, but damn it, this is how it should be.I smiled and laughed, sniffled and growled and finally sighed while reading this and I hope lots of people decide it's worth picking up and spending a little time in Jordy and Owen's world. I'm going to end with another quote, because Jordan says it so much better than I ever could. “I thought about how he’d given up being perfect for being real. For us. For me.And I realized that Owen Nelson was the greatest superhero ever.”