The Trouble With Tony - Eli Easton I really enjoyed this author's YA [b:Superhero|18192707|Superhero|Eli Easton||25598041] and when I saw she had a new story coming out and the story takes place in a sex clinic I jumped on it , held it down and devoured it. Not sure what that says about me, but I just couldn't resist and didn't really want to either. Tony is a PI in Seattle, he left the police force after being injured in a shooting and as much as he loves his big and boisterous Italian family in NY, he has his reasons for living all the way across the country. His Ma and four older brothers topping that list of reasons.Jack Halloran is a war hero and surgeon but a war injury took away his ability to operate and with his PTSD he had trouble getting a job. With a little more training he is now working at a clinic that helps people with problems in their sex life.There Jack has his boss, sex surrogates and an annoying receptionist to deal with, although I wished for a few more of Jack's cases in this book. Alas we only have Tony's issues to deal with. Tony has been hired by Marilyn White's parents since the police ruled her death an accidental overdose. To investigate he needs to go to the Expanded Horizons clinic and see what he can find out. He figures he can may as well kill two birds with one stone.My main enjoyment of this story came from Tony. He's a big tough ex-cop, but he has let's say...issues. His thoughts about his penis and sex had me chuckling and occasionally cringing in embarrassment for him. Here's just one example, which I of course whole heartedly agree with:“Lesson learned: Never trust the judgment of erectile tissue” Tony can't talk about sex straight out, no he needs euphemisms like this one when talking about masturbation : "Doc! You’re killing me. Can you call it something else? Like ‘tenderizing the steak’? I’d feel better." He also has a very 'picky dick' . Exactly what that means I'll let stay a mystery. There is attraction between these two, but Jack knows he can't overstep the doctor-patient line and Tony hasn't been completely honest with Jack why he's at the clinic seeking treatment. The mystery isn't all that mysterious and it's pretty clear from the beginning whodunit. That didn't diminish my fun at all, Tony is silly and sweet, and despite a small bit of serious the story was a quick light hearted humorous read with few but steamy sex scenes. After reading three stories by [a:Eli Easton|7020231|Eli Easton|], she is quickly moving to my auto-buy list.