Improves with Age - Lavinia Lewis 3.75*I am discovering my love for stories with more mature characters, the chance at a new love and a new lease on life for people who think they've already had their chance at those things.When I read for the blurb for this short I wanted to read it.Reece lost his love three years ago, he has moved back to the town he grew up in and is starting over, but he is 48 years old and he is feeling it.When Nick shows up to repair his roof he starts to feel things he hasn't felt since Mike died.I don't want to give anything away, it's a pretty short story so I'm glad to say that although Reece is still recovering from loosing Mike and is ready to move on with the easy going and easy to smile Nick there is very little angst and no conflict. It's told from Reece's POV but Nick is shown as a nice and really good guy. This is just a sweet little feel good read about two older guys finding happiness with each other. I enjoyed it and would have loved to read more about them together.